Mission Statement:

We create opportunities for people to learn and grow through recreational boating by providing facilities, instructions and access to the water for all people regardless of their age, ability, and means.

Our Vision:

  • To provide Greater Worcester with a first rate community boating center that provides universal access and develops lifelong connections to Lake Quinsigmaond.
  • To serve ALL children in our community and to teach them more than boating.


In the late 1950s, the then Department of Environmental Management contacted Community Boating of Boston (CBI) for help establishing a community boating organization in the Worcester Area. Allan Fearn, the assistant manager of CBI at the time, provided plans that he drew up in college for what would later become the John F. Kennedy Boat House on Lake Quinsigamond. On July 1, 1960, Community Sailing of Worcester opened its doors with Allan Fearn as the Manager. It began by teaching children ages 12 and up how to sail. A month later, the Adult Program was up and running.

1960 – 1963, the program was run under the guidance and funding of the Community Boating of Boston’s board of directors.  In the spring of 1963, Regatta Point Community Sailing, the 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, was founded. Al Fearn was hired as the first manager.

1963 – 1999, Allan Fearn ran, grew, and developed Regatta Point Community Sailing, Inc. During this time, we educated thousands of kids and adults alike. Many of these people still keep in contact with RPCS and have gone on to be lifelong sailors. Al saw the changing of the fleet of sailboats from the original Rebels to the DaySailor, and finally to the White 14s. During his tenure as manager, no child with swimming ability was ever turned away from the program, a tradition that still continues to this day.

1999, after 40 years in service, the state legislature under the guidance of Representative Ron Gauch approved funds for remodeling the building. At the dedication ceremony, it was unveiled that the boathouse would be named after Allan E. Fearn, the man who gave so much to the greater Worcester community.

1999 – 2000 Gordon Battye, Al’s right hand man for 30+ years, stepped in and continued the legacy that Al built.  Gordon’s ability to lead the adult sailing program was unmatched and his years of experience in teaching were invaluable to the entire program.  Gordon retired and stayed involved with RPCS until his passing in 2011. There is a memorial scholarship fund in his name to continue his goal that all children will be able to sail regardless of their financial means.

2000 –2001 Michael Aghajanian was hired after spending every summer since he was 10 years old at the boathouse. At 21 he had big shoes to fill and was named Executive Director. His focus was building the youth camp and membership while setting the stage for future generations. Michael left RPCS after being called up by his Marine reserve unit due to 9-11.  After his tour of duty, Michael went on to be named the Director of High Performance at Community Boating in Boston and ended up buying Boating in Boston where he continues to sail and work today.

2002 – 2012, John Mullaney was first exposed to RPCS when he brought a group of kids from YOU, Inc. John had years of experience behind him in management, team building, youth outreach, and building programs. He dedicated himself to revitalizing an organization and ensuring its future.   The organization grew substantially with the summer camp setting new records. John brought safety, fun, and learning as a concept to RPCS. He retired in 2012, and still keeps in touch.

2012 – Current, Casey Duva has been involved with RPCS since 2001. He got involved when he was on Worcester State’s Crew team. Casey has been a lifelong sailor, having grown up in North Kingston.  He has spent summers sailing his family’s 1948 all wooden 8-Meter called King Haakon. Now he can be found sailing on Orion, a 1980 Hunter 37. Under Casey’s direction, Regatta Point has grown in the following ways: Crew Programming,  STEM & STEAM Programming, increased corporate sponsorship, and expanded programs.