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Discover adventure on the water with Regatta Point. Whether you want to sail, row, or paddle, our expert instructors provide customized lessons for all skill levels. Join us for a unique experience filled with thrilling adventures, learning and a tight-knit community. Your boating journey starts now.


Why should should you sail, row or paddle?

  • Adventure and Exploration
  • Peace and relaxation
  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Sense of Community
  • Skill Development
  • Connect with the water & environment
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
Community Sailing, Community Rowing


Youth rowing teams, camps and programs for middle schoolers up to graduating seniors

Regatta Point Community Sailing & Rowing


Adults of any age come to learn-to-row, develop their skills or train for Regattas.

Regatta Point Community Sailing


Sailing Camps & programs for Ages 7 and up.

Regatta Point Community Sailing


Join us whether you are a beginner, an old salt, or just looking to have some fun in the sun.

Regatta Point Community Sailing


Not sure about joining, rent by the hour — single kayaks, tandem kayaks, SUPs, and paddle boats.

SUP Yoga


Practice Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard or Challenge your yoga practice onboard while having FUN!

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This summer, as the digital age continues to captivate young minds, there is a remarkable opportunity for children to break free from the virtual realm and discover the wonders of sailing. Imagine your child, free from the distractions of…

Women’s doubles gold medalists: Anyee and Olivia impress with a time of 5:56.7

Lowell Invitational Crew Regatta By: Coach Blair Granum, May 27, 2023 Starting off the day strong we had impressive our women's doubles:  Anyee and Olivia came home with the gold at 5:56.7!  After rowing all season in the quad, these two…

Boating and your health

Sailing, rowing, and paddling offer many benefits for those who learn the skills. Here are 6 reasons why people might choose to learn to sail, row, or paddle include: Improved Physical Fitness: Sailing, rowing, and paddling are all physical…
why do you sail

Why do you sail?

“It’s so good to give and be part of a place that will create everlasting sailing memories. It has made a difference in my life. And I hope it will make a difference in others.” – Mitch Friedman, Member since 2012

“I find that, on a stressful day, closing with a sail at Regatta Point restores my tranquility; on a pleasant day, it enhances my appreciation of how nice of a day it has been. To be outside after a day behind walls, only the sky above, the gentle movement of the boat, the wind alone propelling me silently through the water. There’s no better way to end the day or while away the weekend than Regatta Point Community Sailing.” – David Getz, Member since 1982.

whisper boat rental

Sailing on Narragansett Bay

Did you know that we have an O’Day 22 called Whisper. She’s located in Wickford, RI on Narragansett Bay. Included in the Adult Membership is the cruising class. Earn certification at Regatta Point and start sailing the bay.

(There is an additional charter fee to sail Whisper)

Did you know there is a video how to page? Great to have on your cell phone while sailing. Click here see the videos.

US Sailing Center

Regatta Point Community Sailing is an Accredited US Sailing Community Sailing Center.

US Sailing’s Community Sailing Accreditation Program identifies those programs that are offering the highest level of boating education and public access. Programs of all types are eligible, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Community Sailing Council.

Organizations that are recognized enjoy increased visibility as some of the best facilities in the country. Additionally, US Sailing Accredited Community Sailing Centers are invited to participate fully in the governing process that molds, shapes and improves the quality and reach of US Sailing programs.

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